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Product Focus: Monitor Audio IWS-10

Created to add deep bass frequencies to architectural speaker systems, Monitor Audio’s new in-wall subwoofer design is an amalgam of sophisticated IWS-10 subwoofer driver, IWA-250 amplifier and IWB-10 back box. The system has been conceived to deliver optimum ‘controlled’ bass in new walls or easy bass augmentation in retro-fit situations. Generating excellent bass depth with maximum installation flexibility the IWS-10 subwoofer driver is a highly specialised design employing an extraordinarily rigid, flat 10” surface of 10mm (3/8”) RDT® material derived from Monitor Audio’s acclaimed ‘Platinum’ series of high-end speakers. Rigid Diaphragm Technology is a sandwich of C-CAM® alloy, bonded to a honeycomb Nomex core. The resulting properties of low mass and great strength give the driver the ability to behave as an extremely agile piston, resistant to bending, light enough to deliver an accurate bass response through large excursions, even within a shallow 81mm profile. A large vented pole helps to move air quickly, reducing power compression and improving heat dissipation. Consequently the IWS-10 is specified to produce excellent bass quality in a range of wall, ceiling, even floor locations introducing wider retrofit possibilities. It features Monitor Audio’s patented Tri-grip® clamping system which is easier to install and provides three times the surface area of a conventional dog-leg type clamp, offering better overall surface sealing. The IWS-10’s trim-less grille and frame edge are paintable to blend discreetly with décor.

Oct. 8, 2019, 9 a.m. by Interdyn
Product Focus: Artnovion Avalon Flow

Avalon Flow was conceived with a pioneer parametric design that turns a simple panel into a pattern that flows along the walls, morphing and unfolding according to your point-of-view. With 5 different panels, Avalon Flow allows you combine different panels to create distinct and unique patterns, in a selection of natural wood and premium acoustic fabric finishes. Avalon is perfect addition to give new life to your environment. Avalon Flow is also as beautiful as it is efficient, with an effective absorption range starting from 250Hz up to 5000Hz, and providing efficient mid-range scattering, Avalon is a hybrid acoustic panel, perfect as an all-round treatment for rooms with mid and high frequency issues. Construction The acoustic cores are formed by strategically interweaved acoustic foam with Helmholtz resonators, created over an encompassing sealed air cavity. All tweaked to get the most performance in the minimum space possible. The parallel slats are designed to break-up incoming sound waves, with a uniform reflection pattern, creating homogenous sound fields. Installation The integrated fixing system and the light weight of each panel, makes Avalon Flow easy to mount with the use of wall mates, screws, screwdriver and a level, meaning it is ideal for the DIYer. See the installation guide ​here​. To learn more please don't hesitate to get in touch by emailing us at​

Oct. 8, 2019, 9 a.m. by Interdyn
Introducing Ortofon's OM 5 Series!

Super OM 5E Key Features: New design makes for better frequency range and better channel separation Elliptical stylus means better tracking and less distortion Lightweight cartridge works with a broad range of tonearms Stylus is interchangeable with other OM styli Super OM 5E in depth: Based on the OM 5E, Ortofon's stellar entry-level cartridge, the Super OM 5E offers an even more refined experience at an approachable price. Designed with sophisticated computer simulations and built using incredibly precise machining, the Super OM 5E is the pinnacle of the OM 5 Series, offering a broader frequency range and better channel separation. Its elliptical stylus tracks the grooves of a record with ease and grace, for a more detailed, clearer sound. Lightweight and versatile, the Super OM 5E is compatible with just about any tonearm, making it an easy upgrade for a vinyl beginner or a terrific option for a second system. RRP: $129 Download Super OM 5E images and descriptions We've made it easy for you to embed this product by making the following assets available to dealers in our Brand Library: High Res Images Spec Sheet Website Content OM 5S Key Features: Spherical stylus for easy alignment and robust playback Lightweight cartridge works with a broad range of tonearms Stylus is interchangeable with other OM styli Impressive performance for an entry-level cartridge OM 5S in depth: Again based on the OM 5E, Ortofon's stellar entry-level cartridge, the OM 5S is a perfect introduction to the world of hi-fi at a price that can't be beaten. Offering unbeatable value and a convenient upgrade path, the OM 5S is a brilliant solution for someone who's just starting out in vinyl, or for a DJ who wants to enjoy more detail and nuance than durable DJ cartridges can provide. Once they've tried the OM 5S and gotten a taste for true analogue sound, upgrading is as simple as swapping the stylus for a more subtle OM model. Convenient and well-built, you simply can't go past the OM 5S. RRP: $59 Download OM 5S images and descriptions To make it as easy for you to sell this product, we've produced the following assets: High Res Images Spec Sheet Website Content

May 30, 2019, 8 a.m. by Interdyn
Interdyn wins awards across the board

We're proud to announce that a number of our brands have chosen to present us with awards in recognition of our outstanding performance in distribution, sales and support over the past year. And we'd like to take this opportunity to thank you, our dealers, for your great work in promoting and selling our brands — we couldn't have done it without you! Best Distributor, 2018 Our team has worked hard to introduce this thrilling new brand to Australia, making sure that customers get the chance to experience the unique visual and sonic impact of Artnovion's acoustic treatment. Artnovion themselves have taken notice of our commitment, declaring Interdyn their Best Distributor 2018! Best New Distributor, 2018 We have been thrilled to work with such an iconic brand over the last few months, and have made great strides in broadening the reach and appeal of the brand. Monitor Audio were kind enough to recognise that hard work, declaring us the Best New Distributor of 2018. Outstanding Achievement, 2018 Given that we've had a close relationship with IsoTek in New Zealand for some time, we were delighted to take on the responsibility for the power conditioning brand in Australia as well. Since that day, we've introduced people all over the country to the difference IsoTek's cables and power conditioners make in your hi-fi system, offering education and training to help sell these must-have products. In recognition of our efforts, IsoTek gave us this award for Outstanding Achievement 2018. We're positively buzzing! Excellence in Sales – 2018 We've seen some incredible growth from SVS in the year since we took on the brand in Australia, bringing unmatched bass to more people around the country than ever before. SVS's President and CEO Gary Yacoubian was impressed by our strong performance, and presented our director, Sam Encel, with an award for Excellence in Sales - 2018 “It’s astonishing what Interdyn has been able to accomplish in Australia in such a short time and they are well-deserving of this global award for their dedication to growing the SVS brand. Their tireless work ethic establishing an SVS retail presence and their innovative approach to educating dealers through events, direct engagement, social media and other avenues is exactly what we look for in a distribution partner because it complements the energy and passion SVS has for design excellence and immersive audio experiences.” Distributor of the Year 2017/2018 With a relationship stretching back years, it's hard to imagine Interdyn without Pro-Ject, and vice versa. Their turntables, phono stages and micro hi-fi components are a part of Interdyn's DNA, and we're proud to say that Pro-Ject continues to grow in Australia and New Zealand — so much so that CEO Heinz Lichtenegger presented us with an award for Distributor of the Year 2017/2018! Distributor with the Strongest Growth and Best Results (per capita) 2018 was a busy year for PMC and Interdyn, reaching its crescendo with the launch of their flagship fenestria speaker at Studios 301 in November. In reward for our hard work, PMC's international sales director Miles Roberts presented Interdyn director Sam Encel with two awards during a visit to their Luton campus last year. The awards recognised our impressive performance with PMC in Australia and New Zealand, declaring Interdyn to be the Distributor with the Strongest Growth, and the Best Results (per capita). The tech geniuses behind the Roon Nucleus have been singing our praises since the very beginning of our partnership. When asked how he felt Interdyn were doing with Nucleus, Roon Labs Vice President, Steve Silberman, said: "Interdyn was one of the first distributors to recognise the potential Roon brings to the industry. Interdyn's early adoption of Nucleus, and their ability to communicate Roon's value proposition, placed Interdyn as our top-performing distributor in the Asia-Pacific market. In fact, on a per-capita basis, Interdyn far exceeds any other country internationally for both sales of Nucleus and Nucleus+ as well as dealer activation." Thank you once again for your invaluable contributions in 2018, and for 2019 to date. We're working hard for our brands and for you, to make sure we can celebrate even more awards this time next year!

April 11, 2019, 10:54 a.m. by Interdyn