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Interdyn has been representing quality audiovisual brands for over 50 years. Our founder was the first person to sell stereo in Australia, and today we carry on that spirit of passion and innovation for home entertainment.

Our products are owned by audio enthusiasts, design leaders, celebrities and everyday people. We're official sponsors of Record Store Day Australia through our brand Pro-Ject, which is now the biggest turntable brand in the country. You'll notice our Tivoli radios on shows like Offspring and House of Cards. Pick up a Virgin inflight magazine and you'll see our products in there most months.

Interdyn is the Australian and New Zealand distributor for Pro-Ject, OPPO, Rotel, Tivoli, Polk and other audiovisual manufacturers. Our customer-base spans JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman and hundreds of specialist retailers like hifi, record and furniture stores. As a distributor, we're responsible for importing, marketing, selling and servicing the brands we represent.

Our mission is to get beautiful audiovisual systems into people's homes. Most of us spend hours a day listening to music or watching TV, yet don't invest in quality products to do it. We're changing that mindset by educating customers through our marketing activities, and backing up our retailers with class-leading service. We're a technology company; our systems are built in-house, allowing us to stay efficient while innovating with the best support programs in the industry.


Alex Encel started this business in the humble surrounds of his girlfriend’s house. She was an opera singer and wanted to hear recordings of her performances. Stereo didn’t exist at the time, so he built her a large monaural unit with sand-filled wall speakers. Musician friends made favourable comments and he continued to assemble components, selling them through classifieds.

Things progressed, and Alex became the first in Australia to demonstrate stereo technology to the public. Soon after, he opened a shop, stocking everything from whitegoods to shavers to his own brand of speakers, turntables and amplifiers.

Today, over 50 years on, Interdyn is a wholesale organisation with operations in two countries and over 600 retailers among its customer-base. The same thing that drove Alex to build for his girlfriend in 1955 is the same philosophy that drives our team today: quality and passion.

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