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Product Focus: Artnovion Avalon Flow

Oct. 8, 2019, 9 a.m.

Product Focus: Artnovion Avalon Flow

Avalon Flow was conceived with a pioneer parametric design that turns a simple panel into a pattern that flows along the walls, morphing and unfolding according to your point-of-view.

With 5 different panels, Avalon Flow allows you combine different panels to create distinct and unique patterns, in a selection of natural wood and premium acoustic fabric finishes. Avalon is perfect addition to give new life to your environment.

Avalon Flow is also as beautiful as it is efficient, with an effective absorption range starting from 250Hz up to 5000Hz, and providing efficient mid-range scattering, Avalon is a hybrid acoustic panel, perfect as an all-round treatment for rooms with mid and high frequency issues.


The acoustic cores are formed by strategically interweaved acoustic foam with Helmholtz resonators, created over an encompassing sealed air cavity. All tweaked to get the most performance in the minimum space possible. The parallel slats are designed to break-up incoming sound waves, with a uniform reflection pattern, creating homogenous sound fields.


The integrated fixing system and the light weight of each panel, makes Avalon Flow easy to mount with the use of wall mates, screws, screwdriver and a level, meaning it is ideal for the DIYer. See the installation guide ​here​.

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