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Encel is a Melbourne based brand that has been represented in the Australian market since 1958 when our founder Alex Encel first introduced the concept of the hi-fi stereo system to the Australian market.

The prototype product that Encel produced was a sound system - built to impress his opera singer girlfriend. What came next shocked the young uni student, when interest in his hobby turned economically profitable. People heard the system & liked it, so naturally, he made more.

Today, the Encel company is run by Alex's son, Sam Encel. As an ode to the legacy of his father before him, Sam is leading the company into the next wave of hi-fi products. With that same desire to innovate, & passion for great sounding music, the Encel brand now takes on new & exciting frontiers with an acute focus on value, sustainability and a healthy dose of Encel whimsy.

Encel is managed by Interdyn Brands.