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What makes Nucleus so special?

Get up close with Roon's bespoke hardware

May 16, 2018, 11:40 a.m.

What makes Nucleus so special?

If you've ever used Roon's revolutionary software, you know how powerful and versatile it is. Breaking through walled-garden systems like Sonos, Roon creates a truly integrated wireless system that allows you to combine a host of streaming protocols and products into one seamless network.
Built to exacting audiophile standards, and still undergoing constant development, Roon lets you run a near-endless range of file types to any number of zones. The only limitations are your network, and your computer's processing power. The former is out of our hands, but the latter? That's where Nucleus comes in.

Unlike simple music player apps, Roon is designed to make use of modern computing power (and the more of it the better). So the team worked with Intel to develop Nucleus on their highest-performance NUC platform, which means that using Roon with Nucleus feels incredibly fast, and there's horsepower to spare for handling large music libraries, multi-room streaming, and digital signal processing.

Rather than use a desktop or server operating system like Windows, a Linux distribution, or a system-builder tool, a truly bespoke operating system gives Nucleus a unique edge. Roon OS an optimised Linux-based operating system developed by Roon Labs to provide the best reliability and performance for what Roon does – networking, storage, and fast database access – and nothing you don't need.
Roon OS also offers a level of network security not found on some other streaming products, while still ensuring ease of use and robust operation.

The unique build of the Nucleus allows for impressive power and heat-management without the need for spinning discs, or fans, or any other moving parts. Not only does that make the Nucleus even more hard-wearing, it means your pristine listening environment won't be spoiled by the low whirring of a fan working overtime.

If you'd like more information about the Nucleus design process, the ins and outs of Roon OS, or just want to know more about why Nucleus is a must-have for a top-spec listening room, read Roon's White Paper here..

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