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⏱⏱⏱⏱ Countdown to SVS ⏱⏱⏱ Say hello to the PB-4000

SVS orders start shipping Tuesday -- time to get acquainted!

April 9, 2018, 4:10 p.m.

⏱⏱⏱⏱ Countdown to SVS ⏱⏱⏱ Say hello to the PB-4000

Thunderous bass. Startling clarity. Groundbreaking value.

SVS's flagship 4000 series subwoofers are the latest thrilling entries in a long line of impeccably engineered and beautifully designed products from one of the world's most beloved brands. Famous for inspiring fanatical love in their customers, the new 4000 series is already winning hearts.

And it's not just customers who love these subs — critics like CNet, Sound & Vision and Home Theater Review are all singing the praises of the 4000 series for their incredible impact and musicality, not to mention the bang-for-your-buck they offer. With jaw-dropping bass extension, pinpoint accuracy and the companion app to customise your sound, SVS's 4000 series subwoofers are bound to make their presence felt on Best of 2018 lists.

The PB-4000 is the heavy-hitter of the 4000 series, weighing about the same as a baby rhino but delivering the chest-rattling power of a full-grown adult. A high-excursion 13.5-inch driver, coupled with a massively powerful Sledge 1200 watt RMS amplifier and customisable DSP, delivers staggering bass with truly impressive precision and subtlety to satisfy bass-obsessed thrill-seekers and audiophiles alike.

The PB-4000 also features port tuning options that let you tweak the sound to suit your space and tastes. Want to call down the thunder like you've got Mjolnir in hand? Tweak the DSP and open the ports to give every THOOM its full Asgardian glory. Or maybe you want a tighter bass response, so you can hear every zing of a cello string with clarity and detail? With the ports closed and DSP set accordingly, you'll never miss a beat, without sacrificing the power.

All those DSP settings and more are available without leaving the couch via the SVS companion app. Using a Bluetooth connection, you can adjust the volume, play with the parametric EQ, switch presets on the fly and more, all from your phone. Get the sound you want with a swipe of your finger, thanks to SVS.

Check out the full SVS family of subwoofers, and talk to your rep about becoming an SVS dealer now!